Hiking the MacKinnon Pass, New Zealand

National Geographic | January 1978

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if you’re ever feeling sad just remember that tatiana maslany roller bladed to her orphan black audition

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Gay Update: Probably Gayer

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When school gets hard, just remember this….

This is really inspiring to me.

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This is the greatest tweet in the history of tweets


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"π | ϕ"

- The Universe

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"I’m terrified because I know that some day soon the two lives that I live are going to come together. I love both lives, home and away. It could be awful, it could be great. But either way, it needs to happen, it scares me."

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Watch the cinema on your eyelids that is your dreams and let them take you to the land of your subconscious.
I’ll meet you there, in your

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why can’t plane tickets be like 10 dollars

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"Travelling isn’t always about running away from things, sometimes it’s about running into what you truly want."

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